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The Best Selection of Guitars in Winston-Salem

If you're a beginner, a seasoned player, or a collector, we've got the right guitar for you! Here at Guitars USA Music Store, we've got a huge selection of guitars and accessories of the highest quality for anyone at prices that will fit any budget in our showroom in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Guitars USA Music Store is a locally-owned and operated guitar store with the most experienced staff in town. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect guitar to fit your needs. They'll help you understand the differences between products to ensure you choose the right one for you.

You can visit us for a large variety of guitars, basses, music instruments as well as other musical equipment. We carry the latest products from the top brands in music gear to ensure you always have access to the best selection and quality available.

We also provide guitar repairs and music lessons to help you reach your musical goals. Guitar enthusiasts in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point can find the right instrument here in our guitar shop. You can visit our showroom, call us, or email us online for more information and any questions you have about our services. We're always ready to help!

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars are one of the most popular styles of guitar on the market. They also look great! They generally have a hollow body and a sound hole to let the amplified acoustic sound come through clearly and can be worked with using different techniques and tunings.

We carry a large and diverse collection of acoustic guitars, and we're the only store in the Triad to offer set-up before it leaves our store. Our shops selection of acoustics includes:

  • Taylor Guitar
  • Gibson
  • PRS
  • Fender
  • Epiphone
  • Yamaha

Areas We Serve

High Point, North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars

If you're looking for a deep and fat sound, then bass guitars can be what you need. Bass guitars are generally larger than normal electric guitars and use different pickups and tunings to help them stand out. They also include frets like standard guitars to make it possible to play individual notes. And, if you love the acoustic sound, some models can be played as both.

We offer a full-line catalog of bass guitar, with options ranging from 5 to 6 strings and everything in between. Whether you prefer the classic sound of an '80s Fender or want to try something completely different, our store has what you're looking for. Our inventory features popular brands like:

  • Fender
  • Squier
  • Jackson
  • PRS
  • Epiphone
  • ESP

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are very popular because they are much easier to transport and amplify. They have a solid body, which makes them much lighter, and pickups instead of a sound hole to pick up the sound and send it along to an amplifier.

They're perfect for just about any style of music! The electric guitar is versatile enough to play rock, metal, blues, country, and jazz. There are exceptionally crafted guitars out there for every style, and our music store offers the best deal. We carry a variety of well-known brand in the market, including:

  • Fender
  • Gibson
  • PRS
  • Charvel
  • Jackson
  • Epiphone
  • Squier

Folk Instruments

Folk music is one of the oldest types of traditional music, with the earliest songs being passed down orally through generations. Folk instruments are acoustic, or semi-acoustic stringed instruments played in cultures around the world.

Playing folk instruments is a great way to learn music history and express yourself. And they are so much fun! We carry a large selection of folk instruments for those interested in traditional stringed instruments. Our inventory includes:

  • Banjos
  • Mandolins
  • Ukuleles

Used Guitars

There is something special about playing an instrument that's already been through the wringer of the music world. Many musicians prefer an instrument used because of its history and natural wear, and because they're affordable. We offer a wide selection of used instruments to give you even more options for your perfect guitar. You don't have to spend a fortune on your instrument because you can find something that's been played for years by someone else but is still in great shape.

We carry used guitars from the following brands:

  • Legator
  • Peavey
  • Reverend
  • Gibson
  • PRS

Guitars Accessories & Gears

As a full-service music shop, our company offers more than just guitars and instruments; we also carry a wide selection of products to help you practice and perform better. From strings and straps all the way to amplifiers and lighting equipment, our accessories provide you with everything you need at a price you can afford.

Guitars USA Music Store carries:

  • Guitar Stand
  • Guitar Cables
  • Tuner
  • Metronomes
  • Capodaster
  • Guitar Humidifier
  • Guitar Strings
  • Guitar Picks
  • Amplifiers
  • Guitar Pedals
  • Bass Pedals
  • Bass accessories
  • Bass amps
  • Bass amplifiers
  • Clips
  • Cases and Gig Bags
  • Hand Exerciser
  • String Winder and Cutter
  • Cradle Cube
  • Headphones
  • Earplugs
  • In-Ear Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Headset
  • Mixer
  • Microphones

As one of the best guitar stores in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we at Guitars USA Music Store strive to bring you the most affordable and best quality guitars around. From beginners just starting out to experienced musicians, we have a wide selection of guitars for every age and experience level. We offer personal service and the highest quality equipment at affordable prices.

Guitar Repairs, Maintenance, and Modifications

Repairs are an important part of maintaining your guitar because it ensures that you will be able to keep playing, whether it's for work or pleasure. Our guitar shop also provides guitar repairs and maintenance. We can fix anything from a broken headstock, restoring weather-worn finishes on your favorite instrument, to designing custom wiring in guitars to make them more unique.

If you need repair, an upgrade, or modifications, we offer a wide range of options for electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars, including:

  • String Action Adjustment
  • Restrings
  • Bridge Adjustment
  • Fret Dress and Crowning
  • Refretting
  • Intonation
  • Neck resets
  • Hardware Installation and Replacement
  • Custom Wiring Installation and Replacement
  • Pickup Installation and Replacement
  • Replace Missing Parts

If you have questions about what we can do for your instrument, we're more than happy to answer them and help you with your repair needs. Our team of guitar techs will work hard to get your instrument back into top shape.

Guitar Lessons and Workshops

Learning how to play the guitar can be difficult, but it's fun! It's even more fun when someone else is doing it with you. At Guitars USA Music Store, we offer individual lessons for both adults and kids as well as group workshops. Our experienced and talented instructors have a passion for music and a desire to see you succeed in learning an instrument. We offer lessons in:

  • Basic fundamentals of guitar playing
  • Techniques such as plucking, strumming, chords, scales, arpeggios, etc.
  • Reading music
  • Ear training
  • Improvising Playing by ear
  • Music theory
  • Styles of music, such as blues, rock, classical, jazz, etc.
  • And more!

We also offer group workshops for younger children who are still in the learning stage! Please stop by our store today to experience the difference that our customer service and selection make. We would love to meet you!

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More than just a guitar shop, Guitars USA Music Store is your one stop shop guitars for all of your music needs. With our qualified in-house technicians and professional service, we are able to provide the best musical instruments, amps, effects pedals, and accessories in one place. We are confident that we have the perfect guitar for you with our variety of inventory!

We've been in business for years, and we continue to provide the best guitar store experience anywhere in North Carolina. Whether you're shopping for yourself or another, are a beginner or advanced player, are looking for music lessons in Winston-Salem - our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

If you're looking for some amazing deals on some top-quality guitars, come to Guitars USA Music Store today! You can also check out our website or give us a call at (336) 306-9500. We look forward to helping you with your guitar-playing dreams.

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Guitars USA Music Store has everything you need, all in one place! The high-quality instruments from major brands are sure to be perfect for your style and level of playing. Whether you're looking for a real Fender or a vintage guitar, we have an amazing lineup that's worth checking out.

Customers can shop online at Guitars USA Music Store to browse our vast inventory. Our website has all of the most popular electric, acoustic, and bass guitars for sale, as well as amps, effects pedals, accessories, and other music equipment available, along with detailed product descriptions, details,  and photos for easy browsing.

We've been a staple of the North Carolina music scene for years, and we're ready to help you. We provide warranty and free shipping delivery on all items and purchase orders. We accept payments through cash, check, credit/debit cards. Also, we offer financing options for those who qualify.

Whether you play live or at home, we have the gear to help you bring your sound to life. If you live in the Triad area and would like to see our shop guitar inventory in person, stop by the store today! Our expert excellent customer service team is also available to answer your questions and help you with any requests.